Great Ponton Village Centre

Available for all your community needs

Conditions Of Hire

Our Conditions of Hire are as follows:

  • As the centre is licensed, consumption of personal alcohol will not be tolerated and will be confiscated.

Electrical Equipment

  • Any electrical equipment bought into the hall must be in good condition and used in a safe manner in accordance with the electricity at work regulations 1989.
  • Should any village centre equipment become damaged or faulty, please ensure that you inform the booking officer accordingly.


  • Please ensure that noise levels are not excessive.
  • If possible, please keep windows and the entrance doors closed when music is being played.
  • Fire exits must be kept closed at all times.
  • Please keep noise levels down outside the hall e.g. in the car park particularly during andat the end of functions.

First Aid / Accidents

  • There is a first aid box in the kitchen.
  • Grantham & District Hospital is the nearest hospital with A & E facilities. Telephone: 01476 565232.
  • If there is an accident or incident of any type please fill in the accident book, this is in the first aid box behind the kitchen door.

Fire Precautions

  • Hirers must note that the fire limit for the centre is 200 persons.
  • No smoking within the hall.
  • Smoking bins are situated by the main entrance door & 2 outside the rear of the building.
  • You should point out the location of the fire exits to your guests/other users of the hall before any event begins.
  • Emergency exit signs must be switched on at all times.
  • You must ensure that fire exits in are not blocked or obstructed at any time both inside and outside the hall in the car park.
  • Please ensure cars are parked in a manner to allow emergency service vehicles access to the main entrance.

If You Discover A Fire

  • Don't panic.
  • Immediately raise the alarm which is situated in the entrance hall.
  • Ask people to leave the hall using the exit(s) furthest away from the fire and to assemble in the car park.
  • Shut all doors, windows and fire doors, including the kitchen hatch.
  • Telephone the emergency services.
  • Attack the fire if possible, only if you know how to use the appliances provided, but without taking personal risk.
  • Once you are sure everyone is safely out of the building shut all external doors.
  • Ensure clear access for the emergency vehicles.